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The highway code

The highway code does also apply to you as a cyclist, after all your are a road user on a vehicle. So do spend some time and have a good old read of the highway code. It will open your… Continue Reading →

SillyDriver III

I have just got back from my holidays. Cycled 260 miles north on our touring bicycles and only had two incidents, where only one of them was outside London. An overtaking taxi who was very close to me on way… Continue Reading →

Expotitions by BoyCycle

A friend of mine’s offspring, is taking on a four days ride in support of Epidermolysis Bullosa is a genetic condition and have set up a JustGiving site too. In two week’s time Zak (my 8 year old) and I… Continue Reading →

Cycle Show 2010

From the 7th of October until the 12th of October is the time to look at some bicycle related p0rn at the Cycle Show @ Earls Court, London. The Cycle Show once again sets the scene for all cycling fans… Continue Reading →

Shweeb – cost-effective transport solution

I just fell over this on my daily crawl tru’ the internet. All I can honestly say about this, it is a great roller-coaster. Taking the cyclist away from the roads ain’t the way to go. A bicycle is a… Continue Reading →

Velo-City and Streetfilms

I totally forgot and missed out on something great. As you can see on this StreetFilms film from Velo-City 2010 in Copenhagen, see below. This film is Copenhagen seen through North American eyes, as they say it took a long… Continue Reading →

Bicycle lawn mower

I can remember years ago where I was cutting grass for my folks, neighbours etc to get some pocket money. I enjoyed doing it at my grandparents since granddad always kept the lawn mower sharp and well oiled and my… Continue Reading →

Sleeping police men

Is it just me that is annoyed by the the so called sleeping police men, that are scattered all around our fine city to calm down the traffic. 1/ They do invite you as a cyclist to move into the… Continue Reading →

FREE (TfL) guided cycle rides

Register your interest for FREE guided cycle rides on 14th July today. Your marshals will greet you at 7.30 and give you a basic bike check before setting off at 7.45. (As Kingston is a little further from central London… Continue Reading →

Irish cycle to work scheme

Not just here in London that cycling has taken off, the Irish cycle to work scheme has seen membership increase by 125% in just 12 months. A survey carried out by www.bikescheme.ie shows Cycle to Work Scheme participation has increased… Continue Reading →

Flying the flag

Once in a while the UK PLC have tradition were you show how good your driving skills are. We are now coming into one of these seasons aka the world cup in football. Great for us cyclist and other road… Continue Reading →

Skyrides dates

The dates are out, ok I’m a bit slow to post them. While Team Sky’s professional road-racing team aims to take on the world, Sky Ride aims to get more people of all ages and abilities out on their bikes… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist XIII

Hooooly sssshhhittt …. Click here to see this little clip http://www.youtube.com/ – CyclingMikey’s Channel Sorry for the strong words here, but how the f@&k can you be this stupid. Nearly hurt herself and another fellow cyclist and just jumped off… Continue Reading →

Contested Streets

I saw this wonderful (pardon I just couldn’t resist) video on on Copenhagenize earlier today about cycling in Copenhagen. This made me think about Contested Streets a documentary about Copenhagen and Jan Gehl an architect and urban planner. I watch… Continue Reading →

Just an observation

This is by all means not a scientific study but just an observation by me. Over the last few weeks a I have been counting while cycling around town. 16 cyclist with bicycle helmet have jumped red light, totally blind… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist XI + XII

Went out on a pootle today with my partner, while we were stopped at a red light we met SillyCyclist number XI. Just as we were setting off from the light she came up on my inside. There were not… Continue Reading →

Plea to parent part II

Today a trainee at one of the schools I’m working at at the moment came up and said that she’d got a new bicycle over the weekend. Lucky girl, I said. Let’s go down and check it out before we… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist X

A couple of days ago, four of the six cyclist following me down Chiswick High Road was wearing helmets. And all four of them were jumping the red lights, hmmm. Please do remember wearing an helmet does not make your… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist vs SillyCycleLanes

TfL have started to build, or rather paint, the new cycle super highways around London. The first pictures I have seen are, in one word, crap. Not thought-out or well-planned. Simply a dash of blue paint randomly added at a… Continue Reading →

Scared of cars

When I teach a group of kids on how to cycle on the road, I quite often find a quiet T-junction or quiet side road to talk them through the drill we are about to teach them. Mainly so that… Continue Reading →

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