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Use your gears: SillyCyclist XIV + VX

Cycling is so much easier if you use your gears. Much better on your legs, knees and you will also be faster. Also it will be safer for you, as you will see SillyCyclist XIV demonstrate below. I often cycle… Continue Reading →

A good idea, there Bryony.

I’m not going to gloat but I did think about this a few years back, but Bryony was first to put it on paper so to speak. Make full Bikeability cycle training compulsory before anyone can pass their driving test…. Continue Reading →

Children should be encouraged to ride to school

You must have read the article about the family in south London who, shockingly, let their children cycle to school. Good on them, I say. Now Sustrans says that children should be encouraged to ride to school not prohibited, which… Continue Reading →

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