I feel for the world that we have come to this, about what have happened in Paris. Last night I spent hammering F5 on a few news sites, Facebook and twitter. Trying to find out what is going on, where, who, how many, when will it stop, is it still going on?

I was chatting to a friend, whom I know from my time in Paris, and said “I hope the best for you and yours” and then it hit me, don’t I feel for all the others who got caught up in this.

Yes I do!

Though, I don’t really have a place to say that, when something bad happens I don’t know who/where to say “sorry for you loss” to. I think that all your feelings, really comes out when it gets closer to you. A place you have visited, a place you have lived in, a place you know friends or family live, a friend of a friend got stuck and couldn’t get home. Suddenly makes it personal and feel closer to you.

Where when it happens in a place that you don’t have any links too, kinda makes the news updates just something that happened elsewhere. And soon forget what have happened yesterday, last week or year.

Any loss of life is bad.

Last night hit home, just like when the bombings happened in London. Because it is streets I have walked on, near cafe’s and bars I have visited. I know friends and family who frequent these areas, live and work there.

As I read how horrific it was, the massive lost of life and then I remembered what happened in Beirut the day before. And other places – Iran, Afghanistan, Libya etc. – where it has become nearly daily occurrence.

I feel sad and sorry for my muslim friends and the refugees out there. For the shite you have to live through over the next long time.

I have read many articles about why this is happening, from both sides and from different countries. Yet still don’t have an answer. All it does; it makes me numb.

Numb: incapable of action or of feeling emotion; enervated; prostrate: numb with grief.