tv test screenToday was the start of my favourite bit of telly on the box ever, Dr. Who. Pretty much the only thing that will stop the world for me, I just have to watch the next episode “live”. So today to make sure we didn’t miss the start we fired up the box around 20min before and settled in on the settee.

The Beeb had some family game show entertainment thing on, and boy was that crap. Why do we have to be told the very simple rules at least four or was it five times in under five minutes of telly.

The only thing I watch on the box is pretty much just the news, comedy, films and documentaries. “Fly on the wall” docu’s, reality shows etc gets my finger twisting on the remote. The best part of bad programs is that you can switch channel if you don’t like it, the worst part is that like the Boss said “There’s fifty-seven channels and nothin’ on“.

I would have liked to have loved Dragons Den, since it is about coming up with new and fantastic and sometimes dumb ideas. Inventions, design and the like is something I like to see and read about. But why do we need to have the whole fecking thing repeated 20 times in the whole show. Yes we know that there are x Dragons with x money that they would like to give for x share in the next big thing. Since that is what the Dragons Den is about, but why the heck repeat it again and again and again.

Drives me utterly nuts and around the bend.

Other program that I used to watch was Grand Design, which unfortunately is now suffering the same fate as Dragons Den. So what I do now is turn on at the start see what the house look like before and then read a book, channel surf or start cooking dinner. For then to watch the last 5min where you get to see the end result, I would have loved to watch the whole program but the repeating …

Same goes for Scrapheap challenge and Mythbusters, absolutely programs that can get this little boy out in the garage armed with a hammer, welder and angle grinder. But the amount of repeating of what we just have seen and telling us what we are about to see, causes me to switch off. These programs could be over in ten-fifteen minutes if they edited out repeating.

Now can we please get back to normal service.