Yesterday when my colleague was opening up shop. He came out of the shop with the sign, which we put at the top of the road. A LOL* who had just parked across the road, on double yellow lines, asked if he had some scissors that she could borrow. “Yes, not a problem I will just drop this sign off and will have a look for you” – he said.

As he came back from the sign drop off’ing, she said – “Could you cut the bramble down as it is scratching the paint on my car”.

“Erm I’m busy opening the shop” – he said, “right, oh well never mind” – she said in a very disapproving tone and walked off.

How he managed to keep calm, I don’t know. The bramble is on council land, she was parked on double yellow lines on a road which is pretty much sandwiched between two parking lots, it got nothing to do with the LBS in which we work.

*Little Old Lady