feed by mira grantRun Zombies! It is the Zombie Rising!

I have always loved to sit down and watch a zombie movies and books about zombies and the age-old question : fast or slow? Can have me talking for hours on end.

I have just become hooked to watching the Walking Dead, albeit the weak special effect, see the explosion end of season one, but hey that is not what I’m blogging about.

Shaun of the dead is already classic zombie movie in my eyes and is the one that stand in the slow corner.

If you can get your hands(bittorrent) on Dead Set from Channel 4 you are in for a brilliant little series (5 episodes) and is in the fast corner.

Always do remember to double tap as in Zombieland.

And so we can go on with what have come out over the last few years plus then there is all the classics.

“The Good News: We Survived. The Bad News: So Did They”

A few weeks ago I got hold of Feed by Mira Grant, which is a rather good read. But it also raise the question, when do you get infected. Which in the book you already are, the infection is just waiting for you to die. The idea of “life” after a zombie rising and that we are getting on with life after the fact, reminds me of Stephen King’s the Stand.

The walking dead, Shaun of the dead etc you get covered in blood an only when you’re bitten you become a zombie. Though since nearly all zombie movie I have seen it is the blood that the cause. In Feed the area would get burned down if one little drop were spilled even if you are in it.

My next read will be Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, mainly because my other half keep going on and on about Pride and Prejudice, so I thought that I better read it :)

Other book on the next to read list : The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks and J.L. Bourne’s Day by day Armageddon.