imodiumWhen your your stomach tells you that what ever you just put into it is not on the list approved goods to import. We all know what happens and I have had some nasty disagreements over the years.  And it is always the stomach that the last words at these summits.

Then the idea of eating something that is designed to keep what ever your body is trying so hard to terminate it rental agreement with, does not compute.

Surly it is better to have a empty house instead of a bad tenant.

When I have been hit by disagreeing squatter I try to flush it out with plenty of water. Boy can you dehydrate when you got the runs, so get some liters in you. When the talks are coming to close, do start to eat again though not anything that would disturb the peace talks.

I have over the years used plain yoghurt and rye bread with great success. Just a little at the time let the disagreeing parties get used to each others. Before you load up on carbs, E numbers etc.