If you asked Random Joe about what product Google have, they would prolly say search, maps and the little more techy would say Gmail. But Google has if not hundreds of program.

If you are not a nerd like me who trawls the techy web sites like BoingBoing, Gizmodo and Lifehacker you will not know anything about the other Google products: Knol, Notebook, Wave, Latitude, Local, Docs, Gtalk etc.

Today I just read that Google have binned two of their products Google PowerMeter and Google Health. This is yet more of Google product got canned which I’m sure that people haven’t read or heard about. I had heard about both since I read the techy site, but have never see them advertised. I have seen Google Search (their big money maker), Google Maps (used by TV Stations and a good place to plug your product) and Google Chrome (on massive billboards), but that is it of all the products they have.

The big G is a massive advertising company if not the world biggest, but yet they fail to advertise their own products.