cold callersI have learnt that it is good to present yourself when you meet a new person. So you call a random phone number or knock on some random front door. It would be great if you tell the person you had summoned who you are and what the purpose of your call. Not to just stand there look at the person who opened the door.

Today two little old ladies rang our door bell, I opened the door and said hello and was then just stared down. So I waited for them to compose themselves, I wasn’t indecent, I have been known to answer the front door in my boxers. Just as I was about to close the door, the smallest of the dears piped up “you didn’t expect us” to which I replied yup!

Then there was another long pause… this is where you – the cold caller – normally introduce yourself and tell me why you have come to my front step. I was just about to go yes …? when they told me why they have called and I bid them fare thee well as soon as I heard the word – bible.

I have had a few phone calls from people, that after some guessing and dragging out of them, I figured out have called me back because I had contacted them first. Part of my job I have called a fair few people and left messages on a few of these calls. It doesn’t mean that I after one phone call remember all these numbers of by heart.

So when you call me back it would be great if you tell me whom you are when I go “Hello?” after I have picked up your call. Instead of going “Hello” back to me, because my answer would be either “Hello” or “Yes …?” or the like. You called me and you tell me whom you are, that is how this telephony malarkey works. And when you then go “I got a call from this number” this still doesn’t help me to find out who you are.

So don’t get a bee up your bonnet when I ask who you are. How hard is to say – Hello, my name is So And So I got a missed call from this phone number. This would make it so much easier for me to figure out which of my clients have just called back.

Oh, while I’m ranting do check your answer machine, often this would give you a clue to who have called you and also what the call is about.