A friend said to me the other day – “At least you can escape if you want.  I’m trapped here with a load of rednecks, thickos and xenophobes.  Irish ancestry, but too far back to get a passport.”

Well I can’t, I’m married to a wonderful Brit, got a house and live and work here. Only 2 years away from when I have lived here longer than where I was born, so this is home. The wonderful Brit got a wonderful family who sadly needs us nearby – whom I am very happy helping out – so we can’t just bugger off.

Cause if we do, it will become harder for us both to come back to our home. Buggering off to say an other EU country with a “none EU spouse”, when neither off us are in the in “needed” workers group, isn’t strait forward either. Then we can’t easily and cheaply just pop back to lend a hand, e.g. visa, higher cost on travel. 

Knowing the numpties that Mayhem is doing this wonderful deal with, who are clearly going fuck it up a metric fuck ton, if they continue as they have started. It wouldn’t surprise me one little bit that other EU countries aren’t going to jump through hoops to put a smile on families that got ties to the UK.

One example, Denmark only accepted dual citizenship in 2015 for other other EU citizen, because of a new’ish EU law. Will they still uphold that law to a former EU member in the future when Mayhem have fucked it up?

So I hope I can be stuck here – and not get kicked out – with the rednecks, thickos and xenophobes – cause this is home and someone needs me to be nearby.

Then another said “@Woolly, haven’t you been here at least five years now? If so you can apply for permanent residence (assuming you’ve not been arrested in that time!).”

Yes, we have looked into getting PR, there is a very high risk of getting rejected (and honestly I don’t fancy sending in my papers into a black hole)

Because I don’t have CSI*, I have been unemployed, employed, travelling, sick for a long period + other issues, so a PR isn’t that straight forward. Also the gov.uk have toyed with the idea that I would need a Settled Status instead and that PR’s applied after the vote are null and void(ok they dropped that idea, but the floated it), so feck knows what I would need when the day comes. And don’t really have the money to spare to apply for x and then for y (and a appeal) because numpties are fucking it up. Lucky I got an Android but sadly I got an ø in my name so I’m stuffed either way.

*Comprehensive sickness insurance, that thing that the EU has in law for when an EU citizen arrive in another EU country need to have along with registering. That thing that gov.uk decided wasn’t needed before the vote, but for some reason never told the MSM when they went on about the immigrants coming over here and taking our jobs. A bit like the blue passport thing, EU countries can have different colours, it just would be awfully nice if we had the same colour cause you know we are a union and all that.