Someone wrote on farcebook how their in laws had voted for Brexit and clearly did the “we just wanted the foreigners and Muslims out, we didn’t mean you” bit. They talked about how hard it was for them to be at their family get together and that their partner stood up to the family etc.

I answered: “I’m lucky my in-laws are on the same wavelength as me/us. So no risk of fighting. I would if I was in your shoes have made my excuses rather fast, as I know I would have spoken my mind. I dread my mum’s big birthday coming up, where I will meet friends and family, whom I have un-followed here on Farcebook, because of what they like/post. I don’t think I have enough tongue to bite for a gathering like that.”

I really do dread that upcoming trip, can’t really say no to your ma’s 70th. But I have seen what my big brother (to name one) and others have posted/liked. And a few years ago what family members said about Muslims, I had to put them right before, other member managed to change the subject. That was back when it was just the “simple” issue, that was Gulf War II ::-) Because I know they will ask me how I am* and they will also ask about Brexit. I know myself I would struggle to bite my tongue, after the third or fourth time that this question comes up. And it would not be nice for my mum to have to spending my time visiting them about 200m away hiding and avoiding them/family/friend on her special day.

*/ Yes, I feel great much better than I did over the last 3-4 years, thanks, honestly probably the best I have felt in 10-15 years too, lost a lot of weight, not aches or pains what so ever. No clue what was wrong or what was the golden bullet that cured me. But I’m sooo depressed, angry, worried and petrified of what the future holds and it is because numpties like you lot voted the way you did that I and 3 millions others have no clue what the future holds. Oh and no it is not just in the UK this is going on. You have voted in a government that wants to kick out my best mate from a country that he loves, heck he is more Danish than most of you lot. Oh, while I got your attention, don’t you walk over to get another sausage roll, while I’m answering your question. No I can’t just move back, because I got a life in the UK and a wife whom can’t just move with me because of the government you voted for have made sure that …… See how easy it would be to go off on a rant, I think I can hold it in for one or two questions, but if one of them whom I know who have shared idiotic stuff asks me, I got scream, punch or rant as my options I think.

Yes I’m reading into this and worrying for something that might not be. But do I really want to add another – out of the country – journey, that I have to remember to add to the – at the moment 85 pages – application form. I’m trying to get a clean five years* and don’t want to give the Home Office extra to faff about either as a tick against me or something they will misinterpret.

*/ As in five years for the PR qualifying periods at the same address, employer etc

Years ago I talked to someone at the Australian Embassy in Paris, they told me that all the visa applications that weren’t just holipops got weeded out by bad handwriting, funny names you name it, just so they had less work and could deal with the easier applications. I’m sure that the Home Office have the same kind employees, if they suddenly had to deal with 3 million extra jobs/applications.