There is something with how the Brits see world/Europe. I would say nearly all the Europeans that is not from these isles I have met. Have always said Europe to mean from the west of Ireland to the Ural Mountains and always said Europe. Where the news(paper/tv/radio) and many locals on these isles have used a mix of “mainland Europe”, “the UK and Europe” etc. Often said “us and them” not just “us” when talking about people living with the geographical area known as Europe. It is like the UK is a continent on its own.

Having spoken to many French, Danes and Dutch (and other nationals, but mainly these as I have lived there) about the good and bad about the EU and Europe, there haven’t been many that have said something like “ and the EU”. Where speaking to, Brits many tend to do so. Often says Europe when meaning the EU, when throwing a curse/spit about these darn rules and regulations.

Though that said the Irish and Scots do see themselves more European than many English I have met.

There was/is an article floating about, about the Imperial hangover that the UK is suffering. Which is true, most if not all the people I have met around the world. Knows that the Empire of the UK is long gone, but all agree that the UK haven’t really woken up to that fact yet. Which is understandable to a degree, still have a few colonies laying about around the world along with people who grew up with it at first hand.

Yes it is a very broad sweep that and it is changing as time goes.