A friend said this the other day “I know no-one really cares, but I am there. Hidden behind one of those EU flags in the background.” 

Hell no, we care !! Thanks for being there, means a heck of a lot.

After what the loon that is Patel said today and the leaks that The Times posted today and a few other things this week, if you have been paying attention you know what that could be.

Right now, we very close to say feck it and throw the nearly 25 years that I lived here out the window. So we got three options :

1/ Brexit with no deal what so ever : We are gone, moving out. So long and thanks for the fish (and chips). There is no way I’m going to try to get a “Settled Status”. Not in a country that only wants me if I earn more than X and give me less rights than what I have now. And where I live the locals clearly want to leave the EU.

2/ Brexit with a some short of a deal : We are moving to Scotland. At least over the last few weeks the gov.scot have shown that they value people like me. So getting a “Settled Status” is worth working for and accepting . Yes I know I will be under gov.uk, but at least I will be living somewhere they like and appreciate people like me.

3/ No Brexit, keep it as we are right now : We are staying put. It will be hard because where I live the locals are not very keen on staying in the EU. The local MP is the the Chief Whip for the Tories and just replied back to my (many) emails saying that there “must” not be a another vote.

This is said with a heavy heart and having to bite my tongue, if we stay. But I have family here and I have made my home here and I know I will be needed to be at hand.

The 5%+ homebrew is struggling in numbing the anger today, looking at that bottle of whisky at the moment.