19th of June 2020 was four days after my 50th. The day where I had hoped to have had a bouncy castle, ice cream van and loads of family/friends around for a natter.

Trip to DK to see my folks for the first time since 2017.

All I got was a few hugs from my wife, lick from my dog and a sit on the sofa as we stayed home and away from anyone.

Yes I know millions others had it much worse than me, people died and people worked their body to the bone trying to save other people etc etc

Another date that they partied on, it was my wife’s birthday and we did the same as a above, I might have had a drink, a can that got washed as it entered the house, washed and left for at least 48 hours before touching it again.

Why did I do that, because the LOONS in #10 told me to !!