It’s 2am and my husband has just got home. He marched on the 20th October with our friends in London for a People’s Vote on Brexit with option to remain. 

He didn’t have a vote in 2016 as he is Danish, yet this has affected him, and us, more than any vote in our living memory. So he marched. He marched with three flags: EU, Danish and Yorkshire, as he feels strong affinity with each.

He and I met in London purely because of the EU, through his exercising of freedom of movement. We are so lucky to be able to say this. Future generations will not have the chances we had if this disastrous Brexit happens. 

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He’s a wonderful person who has worked hard and paid taxes in the UK for over 20 years. He has made life better for so many people.  He speaks three languages and has greatly contributed to UK society. He helps look after our elderly neighbour, fixing stuff around her house. He has a posse of dog walking pensioners whose days he brightens while walking our rescue dog along the canal.

He looks after my mum with great care, sorts out her computers and makes her laugh until she cries. He does an excellent pass at a Yorkshire accent and is obsessed with Dr Who. He is a feminist. He is very literal (don’t ask him to hold your brew for a second). He is a gentle giant.

Our friends from here, there and everywhere joined him on the march. 

He’s loved by so many for who he is. He is a citizen of the world and this is his home.

Please do not tell us not to worry. Do not tell us we will be fine. We are worried. If you are not concerned about the future, you don’t know enough about what is going on. 

What now for people like us? What now for this country? 

Please, everyone. Write to your MP and ask them to support a People’s Vote with option to remain. ( Ta very much!

Signed us Europeans