Prof Tanja Bueltmann on twitter is well worth following, just like Ian Dunt and there is others on there too, like me :)

This thread is well worth reading :

Here is a wee bit of it :

@theresa_may Ok, then I’m “gonna get a bit technical here” too: fuck you. And fuck you some more. 1/ And to those who don’t like me fucking swear, think it’s totally inappropriate for me: try being one of @The3Million or @BritishInEurope. 2/ And then let’s talk again. For I really have reached the end point here. THIS. IS. IT. 3/ There are no words for this. It is a million miles beyond shameful, a million miles beyond deplorable. 4/ …

So yes she used some naughty words there, but her life, my life and millions other are at risk. And then people then moan about her saying FUCK YOU !! Like she says in this tweet :

When swear word outrages ppl more than destruction of lives of millions… Suspected it would. Shame I was right. Just emphasises thread.

Well if you are more shocked by the words FUCK YOU than the fact that Mayhem is playing with our lives, well then FUCK YOU !

Thank you Prof Tanja Bueltmann for your brilliant work!