I have read/heard in/on newspapers/podcast that there is talk about Tory + Brexit Party deal. 

I have felt since people first started to talk about having another referendum vote, that the stay in the EU has a good chance of losing again. 

So reading this from James – https://twitter.com/J_amesp/status/1169906868686188544 fills me with happy happy joy joy …

My wish is to can A50, right into the shredder. Then have at least 2 years of talks in the public with the newspapers, politicians, tv/radio, specialists, advertising, the public from both the EU and UK. No back room deals or NDAs. Then do a poll (few, heck even all poll companies with the same questions) and if there still is an interest in holding another referendum, hold one where a clear result – the “winner” has to have over 65% of the vote with a high turn out. 

If it is a tie, go back and have another talk, forums, discussions about the pros and cons of being in the EU for 2 more years. Rinse and repeat until there is a clear winner.  

All this with the hope that this time it could be done without lies.

And that every poll I see the Tories are still leading, libdem are doing good compared to last time but not good enough for a win, labour are often below libdem or even below the fence sitters, Brexit party have nearly taken all the ukips vote and some Tory votes, and the rest are fighting over the crumbs