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The only think that IRA and other terrorist groups have ever managed to do in the UK. Is the removable of our street bins, there I have said it.

Which unfortunately means that people just drop their garage wherever they want. There is no same of doing so anymore, if there is nobody cares or rather dares to say “you dropped something, there is a bin over there”.

Though there quite often isn’t one since they have been removed over the years. Yes, they are coming back but very slowly and people do not know how to use them. It is nigh impossible to find a bin on the underground, buses, near train stations or even on the high street.

It is sad that it has come to this, and because of this our beautiful country is looking rather like a land fill. I wrote about a rather depressing ride which could have been such a great ride, but the route I took was just covered in litter.

When I was growing up in Denmark there wasn’t any empty cans or bottles laying around. Because of the rather splendid refunding system on empties. Anyone wouldn’t miss out on a little pocket money. It was also rather embarrassing to “drop” as anyone would look at you with shame. Or even tell you in a louder than normal voice, “There is a bin over there!”

This post have been brewing in my head for a long time. It comes to surface every time I see someone just “drop” their litter out of a car, or leave it next to them at a park bench and “forgets” to take it with them or as they walk down the street. Quite often I see a bin a few steps away from them but they can’t be asked to walk that little bit.

When I saw Bill Bryson new’ish campaign, Stop the drop, I had to post it. I had a little search about and found that he have been campaign this at least back to 2008.

In all the years I have been using the rail net works all over the world I have seen one common thing, garbage. Call it whatever, every train line I have use have been covered in it. The next time you are on a train flying through the beautiful countryside have a look. Right next to the tracks, hanging of the fence scattered all over, piles of it. Ranging from a three-seater sofa, bicycles, shopping trolleys to just plastic bin bags and newspapers.

I have always wondered who are responsible for the cleaning up of that. I know that many houses next to the railway lines use the the railway land as a tip. Over the fence and it is forgotten about, really sad to think that people are like that. Instead of giving the council a call and they will come and pick up you excess junk.

So it is great to see that CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) and Bill Bryson are on the case. Though we have lost a few generations of people who knows what a bin is. So this campaign among others, see below for links, have a massive uphill battle.

The common felling I get, most people have the attitude, that it is the councils job to clean the streets. Yes in some ways I do agree with that, but the reason that there is so many street cleaners out there is because YOU do not use the bins or clean up after you.

So to quote a woman I have a lot of respect for, my mum. “If you can’t find a bin, take it home with you”.

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