So someone kills a fox with a bat and people on twitter goes mad and the top 4 trending topics are about foxes, cruelty and the person who killed said fox. Yes I agree not the best way to dispatch said fox, but let’s leave for another discussion.

What I am ranging about is that we now got a clearly racist leader of the UK government. With many members of the government that either are racist, found in contempt of government or have lied to the previous government or to the Queen – which I would have thought would be the Rubicon for most Brits.

The government is also changing the retirement age to 75, removing working rights among other things. We all know that the Tories have never been too keen on the NHS, workers right etc. We are also scarily close to the departure from the EU where all Brits are about to lose their Freedom of Movement for good as Mrs Mayhem said some time ago. £11 million wasted on some “celebratory” coin, not to forget the ferries that never was, yet more money don the drain. Oh the lies about how many more nurses or police officers we will have when we after they have added less than they removed.

etc etc. and yet nothing, nada, zilch.

Where in France there is talk about upping the retirement age to 64 and other cuts. And there are strikes that have lasted more than 3 weeks, places in France are struggling with getting fuel and there travel chaos.

Yet here no rage what so ever, just a bit of meh.