I heard the speech when he got nominated and my gut turned into a nut. I had to stop walking and take deep breaths.

When he won, I didn’t sleep that night or the next. I just sat and stared at the telly, Twitter and other news feeds, waiting to wake up from my nightmare.

The inauguration speech just turned into German and the sound of marching boots good louder and louder. When he lifted his hand in a fits and said “America First”. I was sick to the core, cold shivers. I had to go and curl up on the sofa.

Then there was yesterdays “press conference” where he apparently went off script. He went total fecking loony tunes bat shit crazy. Like someone said on twitter said: Mondays speech was planned and scripted, today’s speech was the real Trump.

This last year is as close as everything my grandparents had told (warned me about) me along with the history lessons I had in school. Or even on Discovery Channel, when it was good back in the 90’s, and other documentaries.

I’m really beginning to wonder if I’ll be telling the future generations (if we will have any) in the years to come. How we fought them in Operation Neptune on the beaches of Long Island and how the North Africa erm West Coast Campaign on Venice Beach went.