The best thing I can hope for the future is that Brexit is cancelled and we can go back to “normal”. Sadly we all know that the last 2.5 years have done some serious damage to the UK with families (luckily not ours – we can count on our families to support us) and friends still being split over this issue. That will either take a very long time to mend, or never will. 

I have a few options, but none of them are ones I would like to take. 

1/ Apply for the new “Settled Status”, for which we still don’t know exactly what is required. On a practical level, the iPhone issue is still there, which is just ridiculous. And what are my rights regarding controlling my information. What information will be passed onto third parties, for example? Will I have to give biometric information? Who will share our personal information with?  And do I really want to stay in Brexit Britain as a so-called queue-jumper and citizen of nowhere, and have to apply and pay to have fewer rights than I do now? 

2/ Apply to become a British citizen. We have looked at that in detail and we are not even sure that I am eligible for PR (due to no CSI while I was chronically ill), let alone citizenship. But, honestly, do I really want to become a citizen of a country that will be looking at me and others in different way because I’m from somewhere else? 

Sods law means it might even also mean I have to relinquish my Danish citizenship to able to keep the British one. We don’t know at all, because that part hasn’t been negotiated yet. 

3/ Move out of the UK. That means leaving friends, family and a home that I have made in the last 25 years. Yes, I have done that before, but that time it was my choice. Also if I move what about my British wife? Will we become a Skype family or can she come with me? She too will lose her rights in the EU, her Freedom of Movement is gone. 

We are truly In Limbo, and it sucks.