Well we just passed the first deadline for Brexit, 23.00 on 29.03.19. Though I really don’t know if I should be cheerful or continue the depression. I saw many tweets by people saying something along the lines of “Happy non Brexit day” or “We are still EU citizen”. Even if true, the fact is that the new deadline is now on the 12th of April and a No-deal exit is still very worryingly there.

After the last few days of voting, where the Parliament vote NO to everything. It is clear that the powers that be, clearly don’t know what to do or what they want.

Which Mayhem uses to get her deal to pass, we are going to have MV4 next week, after 3 losses (one of them the biggest loss a sitting government ever had). And even though Mayhem lost today, she only lost by 58 votes down from 230 votes on MV1.

There is silly amount of talk about general election, as a second option regarding an outcome, which isn’t going to help anyone and then third in line is a 2nd Referendum. But I will not be surprised if there is an MV5 called by Mayhem. Yet the people will not get to have an other vote.

The “will” clearly have changed when there was over a million walking the streets last weekend. Partitions and polls clearly show it and like what the fantastic Femi said: The referendum had only four words “Leave the European Union” vs against the Withdrawal Agreement 580+ pages.

Then watching the news today, where 20.000+ walked the streets around Westminster, where people from EDL and other right wing were speaking to the crowd. Who shouted insults to MP, journalist and the police while some painted swastikas on the European Flag. Oh and the added “bonus” that some of the MPs going to Chequers last weekend calling themselves “Grand Wizards”.

So therefore I’m having a drink tonight, but there ain’t much rejoicing or cheerfulness going on.