Well that is it, I don’t live here anymore. I just exist/visit/part time or what ever you can call it.

Yes, there is a few pints in me this evening. But the country I loved to live in and called home and created a home for more than 24 years, where I now got a brilliant life/wife/dog/house, is no more.

I will stay because out of the love of the people that is here that I have to help and support (whom I love and love to help). But I don’t live here anymore.

So in a total typical English way, I’ll bite my tongue, have a stiff upper lip and just accept the horror and plod on.

But behind the “scenes” the depression, anxiety, fear and anger will brew on. It will become hard to go out meeting new people and make future friends.

Lucky I have a very good and wonderful family here in the UK, thank you!