I wrote this to a friend a cross the pond, not really a nice “How are you and we are grand” email.

Hope you lot is doing well, while the virus is spiralling out of control in the US. The UK is fast heading towards an R number above 1 and the loon in chief here, like in one in the white house have finally figured that mask might be a good idea, just about 5 months late.

Here one of the ministers who supports Brexit is moaning about that the government have done a land grab, They bought 11 acres of land, over night without telling anyone, in an area not far from Dover, to be the new custom checking site. Which they have already said wouldn’t be enough.

They are planning, I think 12, more sites around the UK. Erm if you remember back 10 million years, erm 4 years ago, we told you, that there would be a need for something like that and the queues would not be counted in meters but miles and many of them.

But oh no this isn’t fair for the people of Kent, the minister said, who’s constituency voted for Brexit. This is one of many things that the loons have now figured out that, what we warned them about 4 years ago would happen, that IS now happening. sigh …

Yes the turkeys are still wanting thanksgiving and Christmas to come at the same time – https://twitter.com/YouGov/status/1281593123328720897 just how … how …

And this is THE “we told you so” – https://yorkshirebylines.co.uk/eu-launches-its-own-shock-and-awe-campaign-early/

Yes I know I have been dragging my feet with regards to the Settled Status application. Mainly because I’m pissed off, angry, depressed, frustrated and anxious about the whole thing.

Do you really want to apply to get less rights than you had already?

I have also been living in hope that the loons would soon wake up and snap out of the nightmare they have dragged us trough over the last 4 years. Along with the 2-3 dead lines that we hit and passed, I was hoping the loons in #10 would finally come to their senses and give the country a guide line, rules, law or at the very least a .pdf to read.

Which they didn’t of-course, they came out with one thing, lied about, said nothing, came out with something else, lost it, didn’t care and above all blamed the EU for shooting themselves in the foot a few times over.

Just this year the loons have gone from “feck off, get, scram, bugger off we don’t need you” to “help, we need you, please come, we will pay your insurance, you are high valued workers” to “feck off or pay up, we don’t need you, bugger off” to “Please stay you are our KEY workers, we can’t live without you” to “what key workers, you are low skilled, you come over here and is a burden on our system” and I think I have missed few more flip flops by the government.

On top of that just as I’m about to apply and this drops (as the youth say) https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1281280701074210819.html and https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/eu-settlement-refusals-rise-a9612651.html on top of the normal inept, lack of care and the ability to read an application the Home of Office have shown for years (which was bad before Mayhem was the boss, but got sooooo much worse after she ran the place and now we got Ms Patel, whom is worse (and racist) than Mayhem).

Yes, at the very least I can apply to become British (note the Settled Status don’t count towards citizenship) and that will remove some of the issues above, but do I really want to swear my allegiance this lot of loons.

It will be a very large and very bitter pill to swallow and just thinking about it turns my stomach and sends me down into the dept of depression.

Then there is Peli, whom have lost her European citizenship, so have her family. If we should bugger off, she will get land locked in that country. e.g right now she can live in France, work for a Dutch company in Germany while travelling to Italy. All that without a blink or taking out her passport. Now she can only work, live or travel within the country she settles, going anywhere will require visa, insurance, plannings etc. Who would want to hire her if she can’t move about like others?

I fecking despair