keep britain tidyI was out testing my new set up on my bicycle today. As I was coming over Hammersmith Bridge it was low tide. And I really could see all the junk that had washed up on to the banks of the Thames.

I was thinking that someone should clean that up. Down on the footpath under the bridge I stopped to do some fettling next to the access ramp to the river. While there a group of young people, not really dressed to the task at hand. Started to get ready to clean up the garbage that was there, which was a lot one of them even said wow!. One of the leaders, whom was dressed for the occasion, asked me if I wanted to join in, we got bags and gloves?

If it was an other day I might have joined in for a bit to hear why they were there and what scheme they were part off.

Though I think that this clean up “war”, for the lack of a better word, is a been fought from the wrong end.

When you got a group of kids walking out of the local corner shop while passing at least two bins. Who leaves a trail of plastic bags, wrappers and other junk that you don’t have to be Tonto to be able to follow.

We really need to put the responsiblity back to the user of the garbage and not the local council’s.

I can still feel the burning eyes from my mum when I left something lying around instead of taking it with me or pitting in the bin.

Today we and bit of wind going in London and I counted at least three plastic bags along with other crap dancing around outside our front door. It would be a loosing battle to go out and collect them. Since it has become the norm to just drop you garbage. I see many parents not saying anything when their offspring throw stuff on the road, sometimes a few steps away from a bin.

The manufacturer’s of all these wrapper should be forced to make bio degrading wrappers, I know it is not the only solution. Along with an educational message in their ad campaigns, telling the users to “don’t drop it, bin it”*. Schools and parents should be involved too. Yes I know some schools have recycling schemes already. But if they all work together and make it shame full to just drop things and easier to recycle the wrappers/bags etc.

I think it could work.

*) When out cycling, a great way to see if you are getting closer to at town, is to look in the gutter. Also a great way to find out what shopping/eating opportunities there will be coming up.