Chernobyl Children International, is a non-profit organisation with United Nations NGO status which develops community, medical and social programmes to reduce poverty and improve the livelihoods of current and future generations of Chernobyl’s childrenI was 16 when Chernobyl happened and remember the fear we lived through even far away in Denmark. And saw first hand the after effects of an earth quake in New Zealand last year. Even felt a a mild one compared to the big in Christchurch and of the coast of Japan.

So I kinda understand how they must feel in Japan and countries nearby right now. I very sadden by what have happened in Japan, no country in the world should have to live through that. Three massive hits in a row, two natural and one man made. I really hope that the “Fukushima Daiichi 50” will manage to get control of the power plant again.

The people who goes in to a disaster zone to help others, like fire fighters and police officers are true hero’s of mine. They run in, when we run away.

But I must say they people who went into Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi where there was/is pretty a China syndrome going on*. When they know that there is a certain death there, not just from fire and falling debris but from something that we can’t see, fell or hear. Are even bigger hero’s and should never be forgotten.

In my daily crawl of the internet I found this article, The next Chernobyl will be Chernobyl itself. The sarcophagus, the massive concrete dome, lid, seal they put over the reactor is falling apart and is leaking out lethal doses of radiation. So even 25 years later this disaster is still going on.

I really hope that Japan and with the help from the rest of the world manages to come back from what must feel like a very dark place right now.

I liked what I read in the news today that Germany and other countries in the world are closing down there reactors. So that they can check over the safety features and give them a service. Even in country like Japan it failed, the three fail safe systems, couldn’t handle the disaster hitting that close and so soon after each other.

Though that said, nuclear energy is fairly safe we just need to make it safer. Compared to how many reactors there are in the world to the amount of disasters. France recycle their fuel rods and have a pretty safe record. It is just sad that when one goes up it is not just a hole in the ground in the local area, it is the whole world and for years to come.

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*) on a lighter note what do you call a China Syndrome in Asia?