bible basherI truly have respect for religion and there is a place for it. If you believe that there is an all-powerful being and it makes your life worth living, good for you.

I do believe that the faith, the trust, the acceptance, the teaching, the ideology and the commitment in religion have their place. And that religion can make people better people and is great way for people to live a happy, fulfilling life. Should that be with Islam, Christianity, Hinduism or whatever floats your boat. Just don’t misuse that, like we see many people do now, and as we have seen throughout history. The Crusades, remember them? Religion is there to make us better, not kill in the name of someone.

Over the years I have met people from all walks of life and from various religious backgrounds, Jewish, Pagans and Buddhist to name but a few. And all of them have been good people and I have enjoyed my time with them and learned from them and about them.

I do not believe that there is an all-powerful being that created us. Long live Darwin on that one. Though I do believe in Mother Earth, whom we DO need to respect and take much more care of than we do now.

Seeing past what the Vikings are best most known for, the way they celebrated, preach and respected the Earth and what it stood for, I totally understand. This is also the reason I wear a Thor’s hammer round my neck. It’s also a great link to where I’m from.

But, and this is a big but, I do not want to be woken up by someone who believes it is a great idea to tell me about the Bible. So, please, if you believe strongly in some sort of religion, please keep it to yourself and don’t bother me. And, in turn, I will not bother you with my beliefs. I suppose I just have with this post, but did I wake you up early on your day off?

Your Ordained Dudeist Priest, woollypigs.