What, what?

The Danish government has now enabled the possibility for dual citizenship. And since my wee “look see” over here is going into its 20+ year, I think it might benefit me and to some extent Peli :) if I became a Brit. I.e. get dual British and Danish Citizenship.


The GOV.UK is rattling its sword regarding law changes which will make it harder for us bloody foreigners, even if I’m from Europe, to stay in the UK. Especially if the UK leaves the EU.

If the worst come to the worst I could be kicked out, which is not something I want. Peli is too grand a lass for that.

From what I understand I don’t need to nag the GOV.DK about this, or apply for anything there. Though I think it might be an idea to let them know, even though I haven’t paid or claimed anything to/from the GOV.DK since I left.

So does anyone on the panel have some pointers about getting dual citizenship, know where to start, who to bribe, do I need a lawyer, how long does it take, what do I need to do. Simply put, where do I start?

Puts the kettle on, milk and two sugars, right?