Today we are celebrating eight HUNDRED fecking days of not knowing if we – us “bloody foreigners” who have made the UK our home, with families and friends and love – have a secure future here. Mental anguish.

With the added bonus that we could fail in our application to stay because we have an iThing or a “funny letter” in our name or wrong paperwork. Will we still be able to rent, get a mortgage, open a bank account?

Or do we dare to go outside the UK for a while, knowing that this may add complications to our application – what ever that be – knowing that the Home Office has more to feck up and fail you for?

One “good” thing for me is that, unlike many, I haven’t been the target of racial abuse, though I have been asked more times in the last 800 days where I’m from, compared to the previous 20+ years before the vote.

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Thanks to you all for your brilliant work. You keep us going while #InLimbo @cliodiaspora @Femi_Sorry @OFOCBrexit @JasonJHunter @IanDunt @InLimboBrexit @toppentwo and others #FBPE #PeoplesVote