In a few days it will be 75 years ago. At the moment I feel way too close for comfort to that day. I struggle to get my words out and it scares the living shit out of me and chills me to the core. Everything I have learned, read, watched and been told to fear and fight is being repeated.

We are way to close to what lead to what happened before that day 75 years ago. Our “leaders” are getting away with things that a few years ago who have led to them resigning or at the very least put their hands up and say my bad, I will do better (and do) now they just get promoted.

31st Jan/1st Feb fills me with fear and dread, so does next new years eve. I really fear the nutters are going to use these days to take their next step. I know I live in a bobble but if I can see that racist attacks are spiking not just online but also offline – like they did after the last GE – then we all should worry. And there ain’t any push back from our leaders and harder penalties (and faster) for this rhetoric. We all know a few “choice” words, some booze and a group can often quickly get out of hand. It will not “only” just be Jo Cox who died.

The votes in HoC and HoL (though they seemed to have more sense there) over the last two weeks, I don’t see any interest in trying to cull this rise in racism and fascism anytime soon. (please give them a follow and do read their tweets)

Lest we forget.