So we are 500 days into this shite that is Brexit. And still the only thing we know is anxiety, depression, anger, worry, uncertainty and many sleepless nights.

I’m utterly gutted that the country I fell in love with (and in), isn’t the same anymore. I struggle to call it my home, heck my wonderful British wife, Peli, struggles too. I haven’t seen much personally, bar a little flurry last year*, but reading the #500DaysInLimbo over on twitter just fills me with dread and sadness.

Reading this : fills you with joy and hope and a warm fuzz… whom am I kidding, hell no, nope, niet, nada!

Best quote seen on that there electronic interweb today is : the future isn’t what it used to be.

*When I was asked where I was from after many years of never being asked.