Today I was teaching a young girl how to cycle.

After the lesson, I was checking if she had learned something today. So I asked her what the ABC check*) stood for, if she could remember the 4xBs**) and she must have heard the 3xCs***) which I explained to her mum.

Because when I asked her how she could become a better cyclist, she said “the 1xP” ! I looked at her, waiting for her to tell me what it was, cause I didn’t know that one.

Practice, she said :)

*) Air, Brakes, Chain – every time before you go out.
**) Brakes, Brace/push back, bum/butt/behind on saddle, Balance (keeping your feet on the pedals, until you have stopped) – for your emergency stops.
***) To be seen, To see, Communicate – probably the most important thing I can teach anyone about cycling.