Furnival gardens park constabulary notice to cyclistsThanks SillyCyclist.

Remember the post that woollypigs wrote about the Thames Path near Hammersmith. Where he said that it is possible to cycle on most of it and recommend that you should cycle with care and give way to pedestrians.

Today I saw Buddy Hell on his bike in Chiswick and he told me that the parks constabulary have put up a new notice.

Dude to a large number of complaints received about speeding cyclists, a more robust approach will shortly be taken to enforce the legislation, This could result in Fixed Penalty Notices being issued for those who continually ignored signs and directions.”

So if you SillyCyclist took it easy and gave way to the pedestrians, this wouldn’t have happened. I love to pootle down there after a days work, but these days are over.

Yes I agree with woollypigs it is hard to see these signs that tell you that you can or can’t cycle there. And the signs they have put up today are not really easy to see when you cycle past at speed, which of course shouldn’t be doing there.

What also makes it confusing down in Furnival Gardens, is that under the No Cycling sign there is a notice. Telling you a route you should take to use the cycle lanes. But also below there is this “You may cycle through Furnival Gardens at a low speed but must dismount at the Dove Passage“. This notice is clearly confusing but also not read by some SillyCyclists. Since we soon will get fined cycling there even at low speeds and with care.