volvo safty carI’m a bit split with the idea of a car that helps you to drive safely. The reason is that if the car user thinks, well the car is doing the driving I can then do something else. There is an argument that because we are making the cars safer for the user, the user will then start driving above their own ability.

But yes do make the cars safer for the users and other road users.

The system is a radar hidden behind the car grill and a video camera mounted by the rear-view mirror. While the radar spots objects at a distance, the camera hones in to identify where the object is say, a lamb post or a little kid. If the system identifies a person and a potential danger, an audible warning is accompanied by a flashing red light, similar to a brake light, designed to prompt a driver to brake. If the driver doesn’t brake, the car brakes automatically.

The system is far from perfect — it doesn’t work at night, and it doesn’t recognize bicycles — but Volvo says it will continue to improve upon the design.

LINK : TreeHugger – Volvo Makes A Car That Stops For Pedestrians (and Next, For Bikes)