I was training a wee lad yesterday, he was clearly getting to big for the bike, just give it a week and he would be.

So I told his daddy that it would be a good time to spend some money and find a new bicycle for Jr.

And half way though telling the dad what he should look our for when getting a bike. He said well I’m looking at getting an IslaBike for Jr.

Result, Lucky kid :)

Yes, Islabikes are a expensive, but it is very good quality, your child will be able to lift it and therefore able to control it and it will not fall apart on you.

And best of all …

We understand that your child is growing fast and it can be expensive keeping up! To help out we will buy back your Islabike when you buy a bigger one, as a part exchange, at a value dependant on its condition.

If you are wondering why it it worth spending a bit on a bike, just read this article, BSO, Please don’t do it.

LINK : http://www.islabikes.co.uk
LINK : http://www.southcoastbikes.co.uk/