the plug tout terrainThe Plug from Tout Terrain is probably the simplest, cleanest and neatest looking gizmo that I have seen. When it comes to things that you can plug to your dyno hub and charge other things with. Because it is integrated into a standard bicycle steer tube where you plug your USB powered device into and while you ride your bicycle it will charge.

Others I have seen looks bulky and easy to nick because you are strapping it to the bicycle frame. The way that the Plug is hidden into the steer tube you do not have to worry about it.

The Plug is the world’s first power supply for devices such as mobile phones, Ipod® and GPS that is fully integrated into a standard bicycle steer tube.
The Plug offers an independent and eco-friendly power source for any bicycle rider, who is looking forward to supply electronic devices such as mobile phones, Ipod® and GPS while riding.
It can be mounted on nearly any bicycle and its integration into the steer tube offers a clean bike design and theft protection.

The Plug converts power from an existing dynamo hub into USB Standard.
A USB interface allows to run external devices, that i.e. can be mounted to the handlebar or stored in front bags.

Especially touring cyclists, commuters and messengers benefit from The Plugs features such as:

* Eco friendly power supply for USB devices via dynamo hub
* supplies GPS devices, Ipod ® or MP3 Player, mobile phones
* fully integrated into steer shaft for a clean bike design
* On/Off switch to avoid idle consumption when not used

By the look of it it will be available from Bikefix in Central London for the UK and should go for 209 SFR which is about £126, give and take few currency deals.

The Plug is very high on my list of stuff to get, even though it is limited to only charging USB able gizmo’s. But then again all my eletronic bit are USB so I really don’t need various plugs.

LINK : – The Plug