Share the RoadI don’t like the word hate that much, but I had to use it to get your attention.

Over the last few years the cyclist has become the most talked about road user in London and pretty much elsewhere too.

It used to be taxis and white van man who was fighting for first place, when people were talking about bad road users. Everyone had a story to tell about them, but now it is the cyclist that is getting it in the pub over a few pints, in the newspapers or on the radio. Honestly I do not want to be the brunt of that argument or top of that “top 10” of bad road users. Log on to any online newspaper and read anything about our roads and their users and read the comments, you will soon read that it has turned towards the cyclist for not paying the road tax (yes I know), jumping the red light or cycling without helmets.

The main reason for us cyclists being on top of that list now, is… us cyclists. I see cyclists everyday jumping red lights, cycling on the pavement and not communicating with other road users. The three most talked about issues in any heated debate I have been in.

I want people who see me cycling around town to go “What a nice cyclist,” but quite often I get the other end of the stick. Even though I don’t jump the red light or cycle on the pavement.

Simply put if you want to be part of the traffic and get respected as a road user, cycle accordingly to the high way code, don’t be a numpty and communicate with other road users.

You must have had the “classic” argument with your parents when you were a teenager. If you want to treated as a adult, behave as an adult, if you behave like a child we will treat you as a child. I’m sure that you remember that one.

That goes for us cyclists too. Cycling on the payment, jumping the red light etc do you really think that other road users will treat you as an road user and with respect ?

So come on cyclists. Let’s turn this trend around and put a smile on the faces of our fellow road users when they see us cycling through town.