Thames Path, pedestrian priority, cyclist take care.It is possible to follow the Thames path along the river in Hammersmith and Fulham and Chiswich boroughs.

I love to dip down to then river and just pootle alongside it. Plenty to look at and a great way to relax after a days work.

Though at places it is rather hard to figure if you can cycle on the path or not. From what I know about the Thames path it is allowed to cycle along it. But various boroughs might choose to say it is not.

The part of the Thames river path I use the most runs on the north side of river from Kew Bridge to Putney Bridge. For most part of this route you have to use the roads. But there is times where you either have your own cycle route/paths or share with pedestrians.

Where it gets very confusing is in Hammersmith and Fulham. Over the last two years they have changed their minds a few times.

Especially near the Old Ship and the Black Lion pubs where there at first there was two signs. One saying that you are not allowed to cycle there, along with the other one advicing the cyclist to dismount. H&F then removed the blue advisory sign and put up some no cycling signs randomly along the route. Then a few months later they redesigns the layout which made the pinch point easier to pass on a bicycle, removed the no cycling signs. They also put plaque in the path (see image) saying “Pedestrian priority, cyclist take care”. Rather a dumb place to put it as you can’t really see it, let alone read is as you come past on your bike.

So now can cycle were you couldn’t before.

Where H&F have put the signs is also problem some as you can’t see them in the summer. If you take the subway under the A40 behind the town hall. You get onto the shared cycle path on the south side of the A40 which runs past Funival Gardens. There is an entrance to the park there but also a no cycling sign. Which is impossibe to see since it is hidden behind the leafs of the trees, because it is attached to a pole so high up.

I do not know what the future plans are of the council. So if you want to cycle on the Thames path do give way to pedestrians, don’t race and be prepared to see the rules changed. I have yet to see the police stop anyone there but it will not surprise me that they will one day.