Today I read this article over on the Telegraph, Copenhagen climate conference Danes launch campaign to get the world cycling.

And it got me wondering why the UK has such a hard time in get on their bikes. The first thing people over here think is that it is dangerous and it is going to get you killed. I’m sorry but you are wrong it is not, there I have said it.

Not only is it good for the little rock we call home…

“Switching from cars to bikes brings an immediate climate change gain and signals that lifestyles and thinking have finally got the climate change message. There are no technical, financial or logistic issues in this transport transformation; the only thing missing is the will to act and the time to act is now.”

…but it is blooming good for you, just look at me. Four years ago I struggled walking up one flight of stairs and I was the wrong side of 20 stone. But getting back on the bicycle I have now lost 5+ stones and feel so much better for it. And there is some truth in the saying “you will look 10 years younger if you cycle” because there are quite a few people who don’t believe me when I tell them that my next birthday is the big four oh. :)

Your first right of passage is pretty much when you learn to walk and in Denmark we kinda celebrate that with a set of wheels. As I grew up there was no point in me asking for a lift to my after school event. If I did I was just pointed towards my bicycle. And if I moaned that it had a flat it was answered with a “well fix it then”. Every new neighbourhood we lived in I learnt to know the area before me old folks, simply because I explored the area on my bicycle. Met plenty of new friends that way, because I was not restricted to the cul-de-sac we lived in. Back then Lego and Pong were the biggest things keeping us kids indoors, but it was never as fun and as exciting as jumping on your bicycle and going exploring.

It is not hard it is easy as long you follow these three simple steps.

#1 Get a bicycle, from your local bicycle shop, go and talk to them and they will get you the ride you need and want

#2 Even if you can ride a bicycle get some cycle training, because it will iron out all the bad habits you have.

#3 Go riding as .citycycling says it doesn’t matter what you ride just as long as you do, and have fun.

So come on get on your bicycle and let’s start the next revolution. And let it not be a motorised one.