Well since I have the SillyCyclist and SillyCyclelLanes going I thought that it would be a good idea to also have a SillyDriver section.

And I will start this section off with a small pop quiz.

Q: Picture this, you are driving in your car down a residential road with speed bumps. And you come upon two adults wearing orange tabards, with 6 young kids standing next to them by the side of the road. Pretty easy to spot since there are no other obstructions between you and them like a parked vehicle, a tree or a bus stop. And right in front of you in the middle of the road is a young person on her bicycle, who clearly saw you since she is signalling that she is about to turn right.

Do you …

A: Slow down, even if you were already travelling below the speed limit, stay behind with plenty of space, let the young person do her right turn and then continue on your merry way?


B: Continue above the speed limit, accelerate and overtake at full pelt while bouncing over the speed bumps and scaring the young person out of her wits and nearly causing her to fall off her bicycle in front of you.

If you picked option A, you can go to the start and collect a “thank you” pat on the shoulder.

If, on the other hand, you picked option B, then you my fine Sir are A PILLOCK !!!!

Because that was what happened the other day when I was out training Bikeability to seven young and keen new cyclists.