Went out on a pootle today with my partner, while we were stopped at a red light we met SillyCyclist number XI.

Just as we were setting off from the light she came up on my inside. There were not enough room for either her or me to manoeuvre a little bit. So told her “please not on the inside, it is dangerous” and as she was clearly gunning ahead and looked like she would have tried overtake on the inside of my partner, who was closer to the kerb than I was.

Guess who got told to f*beep*k off and that it was ok since she did it all the time.

Then when we go home I saw this lovely video from my friend Mikey, off London skaters who spotted SillyCyclist number XII yesterday. Sorry for the language in this clip but honestly in this situation I would use colourful language too.

I have talked about this before, SillyCyclist IX and Sillycyclist vs SillyCyclelanes, when watching the video it is very hard to just blame the HGV’s for the cycle fatalities in London. Especially when someone is such numpty as this, having been told about the danger and nodded in agreement. To do it again is just plain foolish, when there is clearly not enough room as you can see. He had one leg on the kerb as he was scooting past the HVG, which can start to drive again at any moment.