The “Look where you are going” and “Look and See” posts have now been joined under one header SillyCyclist. Because I see so many everyday, I want to let you know about them. I hope that you can see what you/they are doing wrong and therefore hopefully will learn from these mistakes.

Because you came zooming past me so very close, I could not but notice you and therefore kept an eye out for you.

And I got to see some really bad cycling.

1/ At a red light you nearly crashed into the cyclist right in front of you. Just because you were looking at the light, and was trying to go before it went green and not where you were going.

2/ At a different set of light you jumped up on the pavement and over took us again *). And just popped out in the gap between the railings and traffic lights, without looking. And you were very lucky to find a hole in the 10 or so cyclist who was setting from the lights.

*) only reason why you were over taken by us (again) was, you didn’t use your gears or set your pedals and didn’t look where you were going and ended up stuck behind other traffic. Which you tried your hardest to over take again, with a repeat of the last two points. Just wasting energy and is not getting ‘there’ any faster anyway.

3/ Then on the Embankment you were bombing along with you head down, right next to the kerb and not looking where you were going. Which of course ended up with you hitting the kerb, when the road narrowed. You just about stayed on the bike by doing two skips and a wobble past a lamp post, which you did clip with your shoulders.