Yesterday we lost two fellow cyclist in London. And both lost their lives because of left turning lorries. I do not know the facts, so I’m just saying this from what I have heard and seen before.

Please please never go on the inside of a stopped or even a moving bendy bus or a lorry. The signs that says “if you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you” and “Danger keep away” are not put there for fun.

This is coming from what I can remember reading and hearing from people in the know. Last year there was around 26 cyclist killed on London roads, 20 of them was because left turning lorries and about 15 of them where women.

It can’t be because every time the lorry just turn left without looking, because I see it every day, both men and women, trying to “under take” a lorry. Boy you don’t know how close you are to meet an undertaker, so please don’t.

Either just wait behind, or if you really have to get past the lorry over take on the right hand side.

Be careful out there.