v-brake noodle failWhen my trainee walked up to me today I spotted a problem with her bike. Her front brake noodle was not in place and the levers was wide open. When I did my checking call a few days ago she told me that she had her bicycle checked over the day before, in a bike shop.

I then had a closer look and the noodle was pretty much gone and the cable was frayed. Along with the brake pads fitted upside down and rubbing. How the noodle ended up in that state I do not know. I put the left over noodle into the very bend cage to show her how bad it was, as soon as I touch the cage the “noodle” jumped out. The other cable was also sharply bent a few place.

Along with the bent rear brakes outer, which was pretty much broken a few place. The rear noodle, the top part where the outer brake cable meets the noodle was broken and to fix that, it was fitted backwards. The gear cable outer was also rather bent or broken in places and by the feel the gripshift have had its day too. Tyres could use some air, rear rather worn, chain could use some oil and it was also missing some bar end plugs. I wouldn’t be surprised if the break pads could be turned with your fingers. Generally it really looked like a young teenager have used it for a summer and bashed it to bits.

She told me she got it for free from her sister in law’s who haven’t used it for a year or so. She also told me that she thought that it would be a great idea to have it checked over before use. Points to her there.

I asked my trainee where she got this bicycle “fixed”? She told me that was man in Harelsden north west London, who by the sound of it fix bicycles on the street. He had told her that he had fixed the bicycle and it was good to go. Minus points to her here.

I really wonder how many bicycles this rough dealer have “fixed” in his time. I do hope that this is his work on a really bad day, Because if this is his normal standard I really fear for the other cyclist whom he have “fixed” their bikes.

So the moral of the story here is, do bring it to a bicycle shop as they do know how to fix a bike. If you don’t know where one is use this wonderful map of all the bike shops in London. London Fixed-gear and Single-speed – Shops.