Today while training at a school the kids gave my little heart some extra workout.

Kid 1: Came up and took the lane nicely for a right hand turn, but decided that he did not have to give way for oncoming traffic. And just turned right in front of a small people carrier and then into the minor road on the wrong side of the road.

Kid 2: Turned out of the minor road onto the main road without checking if it was clear to her right, which it wasn’t. Lucky the car on the main road wasn’t travelling fast and had plenty of space to overtake on the wide road.

Kid 2, again: Came down towards me to do her u-turn, even when she clearly had heard and seen that there was a car behind her. She did the u-turn without pulling in and waiting for it to be clear. I managed to stop her before she got in the way of the traffic.

I then got the kids together, told them that my heart had just done some serious work out and was sitting in my throat. I then repeated the drill and told them about priority and give way.

Kid 3 : Whose turn was next up told me “Don’t worry, Sir, I will get your heart back into its normal place.”

*) Oh, my dicky ticker! said by Monsieur Alfonse, Allo ‘Allo, BBC TV-series.