The other day I met a fella working for

We ride to work and we love it. We reckon the best way to help people get the same joy from riding to work is by supporting the companies they work for.

Check out our services for how we can support (or start!) your company’s cycle campaign:

Free consultancy to help companies become more cycle friendly. We advise on cycle storage solutions, setting up “tax free” bike schemes and support company bike-to-work weeks.

We also do onsite servicing – yup, where we service your bike, at your work, while you work. Sounds good, eh?

Perhaps you’d like to bike to work, but the thought of riding at rush hour makes you want to run for the underground. We offer Bikeability training to help build the confidence you need to take control of your commute.

And much much more, honestly I haven’t used them or seen them work but from what I read on the website and learnt from Jarnis, they do know what they are doing.