Please do take some interest in your child cycling skills and bicycle.

It does not take long or a mechanical genius to see that your child’s bicycle needs some TLC. If you can’t fix it take it to your Local Bicycle Shop (LBS).

I’m my day job I quite often see bicycles that are falling apart and not safe what so ever and still you (the parent) are happy to let you loved one to ride it.

I’m going to be brutally honest here. How do you expect your child being able to ride safely when the breaks aren’t working. That is just one of the things that quite often is broken or missing. You (the parent) quite often tick the box, s/he is safe, with making the child wear a helmet. Which is most of the time ill fitted anyway, but that is an other blog for an other day.

Yes I know it is expensive to upgrade the bicycle every three to six months, mainly because the little ‘buggers’ grow up so fast. But a little smart buying from your side, you can get a bicycle that would last a few year still.

I also know that they are treating the bicycle like a toy and throw, crash it and leave it outside in the rain. But a bit of teaching they can learn how to take care of their bicycle, heck even I learned.

With a bit of thinking ahead you will be able to have a bicycle that is the right size for your child. Either your friends, colleges or other parents at school would have a child that are either bigger or smaller. So a little swapping around will get you a bicycle that fit at a price that will not break the bank.

So PLEASE do take some interest in your kids bicycle and cycling, it is good for you too, and give the bicycle a good check over, if you can’t fix it take it to a LBS, before your little loved one end up in a wall or worse.