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Don’t panic !

May the 25th is the best day of they year, a great day to celebrate not only DNA‘s life, your own and everything. The great and slightly mad people at Google has brought the actual bath top that DNA spent… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist XIII

Hooooly sssshhhittt …. Click here to see this little clip http://www.youtube.com/ – CyclingMikey’s Channel Sorry for the strong words here, but how the f@&k can you be this stupid. Nearly hurt herself and another fellow cyclist and just jumped off… Continue Reading →

Ghostbusters or Father Merrin

A few weeks ago I blogged about Ghost visitations and since then we have had more. First it was my Surly LHT that had its back wheel playing up, then Peli’s Eva front wheel and now Tuesday night Pia was… Continue Reading →

Why Richard Branson?

“So, Richard, just to follow up on our talk yesterday I’ve got a few questions for you about the GPS unit you where using. Oh, and a little gentle reminder… :)” Last night I was dreaming that I was at… Continue Reading →

Contested Streets

I saw this wonderful (pardon I just couldn’t resist) video on on Copenhagenize earlier today about cycling in Copenhagen. This made me think about Contested Streets a documentary about Copenhagen and Jan Gehl an architect and urban planner. I watch… Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Bike : update

I blogged about the Beauty and the Bike last year, now there is a little update about this fantastic project in Darlington. Beauty and the Bike

Just an observation

This is by all means not a scientific study but just an observation by me. Over the last few weeks a I have been counting while cycling around town. 16 cyclist with bicycle helmet have jumped red light, totally blind… Continue Reading →

Getting a new passport

My passport has run out, yes I knew about it last year but was a bit lazy. I did have a few trips to do and didn’t want to run the risk of not going because the passport was not… Continue Reading →

Here boy !

I’m in the process in talking Peli into getting a dog. I have always had a dog, well ok the last 15 years while living the in England or France, I haven’t had a dog. I have always enjoyed the… Continue Reading →

Cycling with Google

Google have now added route planning on their maps for bicycles. I have missed that for some time, since I always have hit Google Maps to see where I’m going and then started to plan my route. But only to… Continue Reading →

East 2010, 4-9th of March

I just got the head up for this, too bad that I’m up north these days so I can’t join. EAST 2010, running from 4 to 9 of March 2010 in London, which will take people on a tour of… Continue Reading →

Reclaim the Road women’s bike ride

On March 7, the LCC presents the annual women’s bike ride to mark International Women’s Day. Female-focused, but not exclusively for women, the ride will lead you around some of London’s best routes, encompassing landmarks which have particular significance to… Continue Reading →

Kick Ball Pedal Bike

I’m not a big fan of football but this does sound like fun and a long day. But you can join just part of the route or the whole route. Join us on the 5th of June on this great… Continue Reading →

Bike week 2010

There had been some confusion about when the Bike Weeks when be in 2010. I think that bikeweek.org.uk have now set it in stone, 19-27 of June 2010. This year it is sponsored by EdF and they have set up… Continue Reading →

The Firefly bicycle light

I’m all for the idea of making us cyclist more safe on the roads. But this one is only a gimmick. The Firefly bicycle light uses a passive Infrared sensor to detect vehicles approaching from behind – the closer they… Continue Reading →

How to promote cycling

Over on copenhagenize.com they have post about how other cities are promoting cycling. I totally agree with them that the way New York are “promoting” cycling in their ad Look, is just wrong and is very linked to car-centric fearmongering… Continue Reading →

Here we go again …

When Peli came home today she heard the sound of running water. We soon narrowed it down to the pipes behind the shower and it was clearly coming from above. I’m kinda sad that I didn’t use this blog to… Continue Reading →

LEGO town

This is one of the most amazing fantastic things I have ever seen build with Lego. How Dave DeGobbi got the idea I do not know it is simply put a work of art and something I would have loved… Continue Reading →

The dreams that bricks are made of

Some people look at Lego bricks and see great potential buried within them. In their hands Lego rises above its childhood origins and gets a chance to aspire, to be part of something great. In Warren Elsmore’s hands 11,000 Lego… Continue Reading →

DIY find mark II

Our washing machine started a few weeks back to blink all its light like a discotheque. With a bit of random pressing of buttons and opening and closing the door we got it running. But over the weekend no matter… Continue Reading →

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