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UV protective clothing

Am I the only one who thin that UV protective clothing is just a load of … ? I have never been burned from the sun under my 100% cotton t-shirt or jeans or any other fabric I have worn…. Continue Reading →

Getting ice cream at Tesco’s

Over the last few months I have tried to get “frozen” ice cream from the three nearest stores to me. I have either found them to be defrosted and then frozen again, which you can clearly taste and feel when… Continue Reading →

Google products

If you asked Random Joe about what product Google have, they would prolly say search, maps and the little more techy would say Gmail. But Google has if not hundreds of program. If you are not a nerd like me… Continue Reading →

Telly’box’vision is the drug of the nation

Today was the start of my favourite bit of telly on the box ever, Dr. Who. Pretty much the only thing that will stop the world for me, I just have to watch the next episode “live”. So today to… Continue Reading →

Imodium, why?

When your your stomach tells you that what ever you just put into it is not on the list approved goods to import. We all know what happens and I have had some nasty disagreements over the years.  And it… Continue Reading →

Bible bashers

I truly have respect for religion and there is a place for it. If you believe that there is an all-powerful being and it makes your life worth living, good for you. I do believe that the faith, the trust,… Continue Reading →

SEN NIN a Japanese Teppanyaki & Sushi Restaurant

We had a brilliant evening out last Thursday in very good company. The place we went to eat didn’t ruin our fantastic evening, but wasn’t the best experience we have had eating out. It was great to see plenty of… Continue Reading →

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