… well at least make it so that your users can cross link to each others right away.

Google have just launched their own thing called buzz.google.com, some say it is the twitter/facebook killer, we will see. I do like the fact that it is integrated into my gmail, though I’m still waiting for it on the desktop but my iPhone can buzz already. I also like that I can “tag” my Buzz to a location and add pictures and from what I understand there is no 140 characters limit like on twitter. It is only users of gmail that get the best out of Buzz even if you mark the Buzz public and google picks it up on the map/latitude and live search.

So I still have to cross post onto facebook and twitter to make sure that all my friends will get to read what I have Buzzed. That is why I like wordpress since I can with a plugin get wordpress to post on twitter and facebook for me. But for some reason it is not a official feature or official plugin that does it, I have to test out a few to find one that works with the version I have or does what I want and need.

So please social network old and future ones make it so that your users can cross post. Because your users are not just using one (your) network they are on various network. The more open source and API you get the better. but please build in the feature from the start. What about making a standard like XML so that it is easier to post on the network you are socialising on. I can only see it as a win win for your users, because I’m sure it is not just me who are on facebook just because others are. I only use facebook as an address book, since people tend not to let others know that the have changed their email address but are happy to update facebook. And to see the photos that they want to share are people don’t upload to a gallery and send you the link or email the photos to you any more.

I like the fact that Buzz is integrated into my gmail because that means only one place to login for the both. And with the rumoured facebook email integration it can only become better, though I don’t think I will swap away from my gmail account any time soon.